In the 70′s I went everywhere with my Polaroid Instant Camera (I didn’t have a favourite blanket), but it was a fateful trip to Ireland in the 80′s (visiting my Uncle Patty and Aunty May) where my love for photography began. As we toured the Emerald Isle by train, foot and car, I “wasted” rolls of film capturing the most absurd images — motion shots, macros, candids of strangers, bizarre angles — that spoke to me. Although I never lost the itch for photography, it would take 20 more years (and the guts to walk away from an established career in technology) for me to get to where I am today, pursuing my passion.

I also have an extensive collection of toques. Currently on hiatus in South Africa…shooting everything in sight, including lions and giraffes.


Also of Irish background, I have an affection for small, plush stuffed monkeys (so does Liam, but keep that between us), and a creative drive for capturing (in composition) anything that moves. After portaging my father’s camera gear through Temagami, Ontario (far away from Toronto) on our annual summer canoe trip, I realized that I wanted to do more with the camera than just carrying it 1100 metres. From that moment on, the camera became more than just another piece of gear I had to lug around. It became a creative outlet for me, one that I continue to pursue to this day.

Auburn Lane Photography

We met at George Brown College in 2009 and formed a partnership through the Digital Photography program of which we both graduated in 2012. We approach lifestyle photography with gusto and the goal of capturing a memorable moment with our subjects that will be the basis of a story for an eternity.

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